Areas of expertise

We have a large network in many different specialist areas, and the right translators specialized in these fields.
The benefit for you: for your specific project or specialist area we can also select the right translators for your assignment.

Every day, we can work in 35 different languages in the following sectors:

Shipping: construction, transport

Culture: museums, festivals, auctions

Tourism: tour operators, airlines, hotels

Food industry: cattle breeding, horticulture, fishery, wine production

Publishing: deluxe editions, novellas, catalogues

Advertising and communication: press, advertising agencies, TV channels, trade fairs

Informatics: computer applications, software specialists

Legal sector: lawyers, notaries, courts of law

Financial sector: insurance companies, banks, consultancy

Government and public sector: municipalities, tourist offices, Chamber of Commerce.

Clear communication at international level: that’s what’s of paramount importance to your company. Communication with customers, employees at branches overseas, or international business partners… If you want your message to come across in a convincing way, then accurate and consistent use of language is essential.
The expertise of a specialist will ensure that the correct terminology has been applied.